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LmsUpdates and a continuation of LmsRepack. LmsUpdates are 1 on 1 copies of the Synology beta LMS packages but updated with the latest Slimserver github changes. These packages are not available in a repository and need to be installed manually in DSM Package Center. The LmsUpdate packages are compatible with DSM4, DSM5 and DSM6 packages. DSM4 packages are only updated on request, so just ask!

Before installation, remove LmsRepack or SSODS installs. LmsUpdate can be installed as an update over the 7.9.0 beta package provided by Synology.

Synology source:

SlimDevices source:

SlimDevices at Github:

For more information and bug reports, please see here:
(look for a Chihuahua in a yellow raincoat ;-)

Dutch Synology Forum (Me = Grofweg):

Slim Devices Forum (Me – Pinkdot):

Synology models and corresponding architectures:

Disclaimer: The usual ;-) Use at your own risk, I won’t be responsible for any damages caused to your Synology Nas or to yourself. In most cases if something breaks, removing LmsUpdate from your Nas should fix it.